About B


I’m Bec, but you can call me B. I’m 23 years old and from Melbourne, Australia.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been passionate about fitness and health.  This has come in many forms throughout my life, but what has stayed constant is my love of exercise, healthy foods and a toxin free lifestyle.

I’m currently studying to be a Personal Trainer because I want to help other people find their own health and happiness through exercise and eating well. Health and fitness has not only improved me physically but has helped me to develop a confidence and mental strength that I’ve never had before. Knowing how much improving my physical strength and eating healthy has improved my overall happiness and quality of life has inspired me to help and encourage others to do the same.

I believe the reason most people cannot reach their health or fitness goals is due to a lack of education or misunderstanding about training and nutrition. There is an abundance of conflicting and misleading information out there which makes it difficult for anyone to educate themselves on how to lose weight or be healthy.  My mission is to educate you on how to eat and train to achieve a body you feel confident in, improving self-worth and overall happiness, as well as preventing disease and illness so you can truly seize every single day of your life!

I hope to motivate and inspire others to embark on their own fitness journey – whether that be weight loss, muscle growth or the general improvement of health and wellbeing. I want to help you on that journey and educate you on how to be the best version of YOU.

“A strong mind starts with a strong body.”

With Love,
B. xx



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